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Drawing inspiration from the time-honored craft of crochet and the vision of femininity, Maïya blends traditional art with innovation to create unique and modern pieces designed to enhance the wearer's silhouette.

The Concept

Maïya's goal is to offer new crocheted pieces that will eventually make up a complete beachwear collection. Crochet will remain our historical know-how, as it offers endless possibilities, making it truly invaluable.

Maïya's mission is to offer timeless, modern and, above all, ethical designs; but also to empower women by providing them with unique pieces that reflect their individuality. The creations are inspired by the natural, confident, independent and respected woman who loves to travel.

Ethical production

Produced in limited quantities, Maïya crochet pieces are handmade by ladies, who take the time to perfect every detail. This conscientious crochet practice can take up to 20 hours of work to guarantee a modern, unique and original piece.

Today, their passion keeps the art of crochet alive through new generations.

The raw materials used for Maïya creations are chosen with care and respect for the environment. The balls used in production are made from cotton. As for the pearls adorning certain models, they come from the Indonesian islands and are meticulously selected by the designer for their shapes, colors and, above all, their quality.

Art and technology

The collections on offer come in a range of modern, feminine designs. The choice to use the artisanal technique of crochet is no accident. It represents love and rigor, thanks to a sincere human connection at the heart of each hand-crafted piece.

The technicality representing the true particularity of Maïya's pieces is inevitably the elastic. It is invisibly incorporated, yet renders obsolete preconceptions about heavy, unsuitable crochet for swimming.

The brand's guiding principle is that each creation is entirely unique, based on three emblematic models: the Bikini, the One-Piece Swimsuit and the Short.

Maïya is a luxury ready-to-wear brand, guaranteeing authenticity and uniqueness for each model.


Responsible production

By women for women